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3 Easy Ways to Keep Your CIO Happy

Posted by Charlie Baker on Nov 20, 2016 10:48:57 PM


Your Chief Information Officer is a very busy person, who doesn’t have a lot of time to waste. Maybe you see how hard they are working every day. Perhaps you are the CIO and you understand all too well the stress that comes with the job. The CIO is a vital role in any company or organization that primarily concerns itself with information technology. And with the advent of the digital revolution, there are a lot more of those organizations than there used to be! The job is already stressful enough, and nobody wants to deal with an angry CIO. So here are some tips ROK Tech suggests to make your CIO happy which hardly take any extra effort at all!

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ArcGIS Solutions for Non-Profits

Posted by Emma Paz on Aug 22, 2014 11:13:43 AM

I wanted to reflect today on the outstanding efforts of non-profit organizations all around us. From healthcare to environmental stewardship, it’s amazing how much hard work is getting done out there via research, grant-writing, projects and public outreach.

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