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Look Out for the Top Emerging Trends in Information Technology

Posted by Jason Harris on Jul 30, 2016 2:55:47 PM


It’s hard to imagine our lives without the constant connectivity of our smartphones, and yet just a few years ago we lived in such a world. What about the cloud and GPS? Can you imagine a week of your life without using these information technology tools? In a few short years, we will be saying the same thing about today’s emerging technologies that, for the moment, seem surreal and intangible and yet will soon be taken for granted aspects of our daily lives. Did you ever think you would be on the brink of robotics applications in industries across the board, or virtual reality for that matter? These are just a few of the emerging trends in information technology to keep your eye as their will inevitably be applications for them in your business, even if you can’t imagine how right now.

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The Smart Money is on Mobile App Design

Posted by Jason Harris on May 5, 2016 9:28:21 PM


If you’ve taken a moment to make some observations in any public space recently, you’ve no doubt seen that the majority of people are, if not staring at it, at least very in tune with whatever is happening on their mobile devices. This constant connectivity is now central to both our workplaces and the way we interact with customers. No matter what industry you’re in, mobile app design is a must, allowing you to reach more people anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s a mobile app design for your website or a universal application that allows data sharing across platforms and geographic regions, there’s no way to avoid taking this step to stay relevant in your industry.

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SSL and ArcGIS Server - Time For HTTPS is Now

Posted by Jason Harris on May 5, 2016 10:53:50 AM

We all knew it was coming and now it's here.  The #1 desktop browser, Google Chrome has recently updated several of their API's that affect us GIS developers - most notably for us, GeoLocation.  The short take away here is, in order to take advantage of in-browser geolocation (you know, that home/crosshairs button), you need to use HTTPS when serving your webs and map services.  Adding SSL to your ArcGIS Server site is pretty straightforward as is adding SSL to the webserver of your choice.  The bigger issue (pain) is going through all your code and making sure that everything is being served via HTTPS.  You know, all the javascript libraries, google apis, jquery, etc - they all need to be called via HTTPS or you'll get a 'Mixed Content' error that will block regular HTTP calls.

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Do You Have Valuable Esri Software Still Sitting in the Box?

Posted by Jay Fowler on Jan 20, 2016 1:36:36 PM

492146870.jpgHave you ever made a sizable investment in new software to make life and work simpler, brought it home, felt the newness of the packaging in your hands, and placed up on something altar-like above your computer only to find in that same place completely untouched months later? We’ve all been there. Whether it’s Rosetta Stone, the Adobe Suite, or Esri Software, the sinking feeling is the same. There’s aren’t many things worse than letting that investment go to waste in the box it came in, especially when it’s brand new Esri software, designed to make your organization more profitable by helping you make better decisions based on the real hard data of your experience.

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The Benefits of Offline Editing with ArcGIS®

Posted by Ann Marie Houlihan on Nov 2, 2015 2:44:36 PM

It’s hurricane season, and Joaquin and Olaf have done their fair share of damage in 2015. Imagine the challenges of collecting data from the damage. Urgency is high to assess the situation immediately. Of course you need to be in the field, you’ll need images and to accurately drop data points and other geometry. In these situations, you can be certain that WiFi will be down, but you need to do your job now! Customers have been clamoring for offline editing with ArcGIS® and now it is a reality.

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ROK Star Update - Union County Leisure Services

Posted by Emma Paz on Aug 17, 2015 3:07:54 PM

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My First Dance With Esri's Story Maps

Posted by Jay Fowler on Jul 8, 2015 8:35:46 PM

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ArcGIS Myth busters from SEUC

Posted by Carey Jenkins on Jun 8, 2015 1:28:33 PM

Our ROK team had a great time attending Esri’s Southeast User Conference in the beginning of May--Jason’s talk on Virtualized ArcGIS went well, we got to see a few of our clients, and brought back some good project ideas to work on. We also brought back a few good “myth buster” notes from Esri’s Plenary (hint: the myths are all… myths) that we thought we’d pass along.

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Client Spotlight - City of North Miami Beach

Posted by Carey Jenkins on Apr 22, 2015 2:19:34 PM

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