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5 Ways Location Analytics can Easily Improve Processes

Posted by Charlie Baker on Oct 20, 2016 11:40:03 PM


Location Analytics, On the Rise

As more companies like Google continue to acquire Location Analytics services, the popularity of this technology becomes increasingly clear. Location Analytics is already making a big splash in the world of retail, and that is hardly the only area where it can make a difference. Engineering firms, city planning and the military all benefit from using it. ROK Tech wants you to understand the incredible value of this amazing technology, so here are 5 ways that Location Analytics can improve your processes.

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Be Fully Prepared - Use GIS in Your Crisis Management Plan

Posted by Emma Paz on Aug 12, 2016 10:12:03 AM


Whether you’re responding to rising sea levels, the Zika virus, or the possibility of a shooter in your midst, crisis management plans are incredibly important for many business and organizations. It’s important to have a number of scenarios mapped out in order to respond effectively when disaster strikes with the best possible crisis management plan. Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, are amazingly effective in allowing you to project various scenarios and responses, preparing you with the best possible action plan if the unfortunate time should come.

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Big Data Has the Answers You Need to Achieve Sustainable Development

Posted by Emma Paz on Jul 8, 2016 11:47:47 AM


In our modern world it seems that every little change is turned into data somehow captured in space and time. Every car in traffic is counted; every gallon of water is accounted for; every grocery store patron’s habits tracked. All these tiny, seemingly insignificant facts are tallied and filed away, and for a long time have gone largely untapped by governments and corporations alike. With the power to know where people and things are and how they relate to one another, there are few tools as powerful as big data mining, especially when it comes to sustainable development.

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3 Ways to Get Better Perspective When You 3D Enable Your Geographic Data

Posted by Jay Fowler on Feb 18, 2016 12:59:40 PM

Are you tired of working in abstractions with your GIS data on 2D maps that don’t quite give you the visualizations you want? The advent of ArcGIS Pro is a new era for GIS experts, allowing them to 3D enable their data to make their maps more honest representations of real life. Not only can you now work with your data in 3D, but you can analyze it also, giving you whole new datasets to work with through which to see the full height and depth of life in your digital representations and maps. The world is not flat, so why should we map it as if it were? If technology allows us to map in 3D, let’s do it!

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Geospatial Information Systems to the Rescue

Posted by Ann Marie Houlihan on Jan 5, 2016 4:34:53 PM

ThinkstockPhotos-502066678.jpgWhile the advent of technology has allowed for data systems to grow more complex, it similarly provides endless solutions for putting our expanding knowledge to use. Geospatial Information Systems, now synonymous with Geographic Information Systems or GIS, are just one example of how new technologies are increasingly shaping our world - or at least our understanding of it. With more comprehensive ways to collect and apply geographic data through Geospatial Information Systems, organizations around the world are able to streamline their processes and increase their performance and even their safety standards.

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Topics: Disaster, disaster response, earthquake, geographic information systems, Geospatial, geospatial information systems, GIS, Mapping Services

How to Efficiently Use GIS for Problem Solving

Posted by Carey Jenkins on Dec 18, 2015 10:08:58 AM

In our modern world we can fly across whole continents in a day, enjoy exotic foods from around the world in our own kitchens, and even adopt children from virtually any country in need. In this increasingly global world, maps are crucial to understanding what has become so familiar to our daily lives, and yet is still so new to society. Using GIS for problem solving is an inevitable step in better understanding and planning the developing world.

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Topics: arcGIS, GIS, global solutions, Mapping Services, problem solving

5 Ways GIS Mapping Software Can Spur Leadership to Take Action

Posted by Carey Jenkins on Dec 11, 2015 4:15:25 PM

Whether your company has antiquated operations hindering its growth, or your industry needs top-down restructuring dependent upon reform, it’s never easy to sell the leadership on change. GIS mapping software can be used to convince the people in authority to make changes - and make them quickly - by representing the geography of change. Visualizing your data and solutions sends a powerful message to the leadership, helping them see and believe that change is for the best.

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Topics: arcGIS, geography of change, GIS, Mapping Services, mapping software

My First Dance With Esri's Story Maps

Posted by Jay Fowler on Jul 8, 2015 8:35:46 PM

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Anti-Aliasing Cache… or not?

Posted by Emma Paz on Apr 17, 2015 10:01:08 AM

If you’ve ever published a map service to the web and noticed that your lines and shapes appear to have taken on a different “dashed” symbology--you may need to adjust your map’s anti-aliasing settings. While this Esri’s Help resources page does a good job explaining the vector rendering differences between the different ArcGIS environments, I wanted to provide a comparison of a couple of the lower-end aliasing settings--to provide an initial “feel” for the trade-offs between speed and quality.

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Esri Partner Conference Wrap Up

Posted by Jay Fowler on Mar 16, 2015 3:38:05 PM

Mike, Jason, and I just returned from a fantastic trip to Palm Springs California. We attended Esri's Partner Conference and want to share some of the notable exciting developments for the ArcGIS© Platform.

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