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3 Practical Ways GIS Puts Predictive Analytics on the Map

Posted by Jason Harris on Aug 29, 2016 7:48:45 AM


GIS is a powerful tool in many respects and is one of the central ways in which predictive analytics will become the norm across many disciplines and industries. Geospatial analysis can be a critical way to determine many things from crime to health risks and even in helping communications for corporate or government field workers. With excessive amounts of data and the expansive mobility of workers, predictive analytics maps are a useful tool that help leaders make faster, smarter and more informed decisions, whether in the face of an impending crisis or a big business deal.

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A Fresh Look at IT Infrastructure for Government

Posted by Jason Harris on Apr 27, 2016 1:27:27 PM

We are all aware that the government is not only in need of an IT infrastructure overhaul in many of its departments, but also that they are now actively seeking it. This will give civilian experts nationwide the chance to consider scaling up their solutions for the fed. IT infrastructure for government is a hot topic in the tech world and a feasible collaboration for companies who can accommodate a range of solutions for the all-encompassing infrastructure paradigm. Cloud computing is an aspect of IT infrastructure for the government that is of particular interest as it would alleviate many of their challenges with one integrated solution. It requires a partnership with some form of IT entity or cloud provider, which can have other benefits as well.

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Instant Enterprise from ROK - Learn How to Leverage ArcGIS Platform and the Cloud with Your Data

Posted by Mike Murphy on Oct 17, 2014 8:26:48 AM

My webinar from Tuesday, October 14, 2014. Please give it a watch, learn more about ROK's Instant Enterprise, and let us know what you think! Check back on ROK's blog over the next five weeks as we launch a five part series of blogs related to this webinar. Topics will include how ROK's Instant Enterprise solution gives you:

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ArcGIS in the Cloud: Stay Connected and Current

Posted by Jason Harris on Oct 17, 2014 4:15:03 AM

Great ROK webinar from May of 2014:

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