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3 New Ways Drone Technology Inspires the GIS World

Posted by Allison Oliverius on Sep 10, 2016 1:23:17 PM


Social media is ripe with videos of scenic destinations, wildlife, extreme sports and more. These videos are filled with sweeping views and unique angles that can’t possibly be taken by someone behind the camera. That’s because they weren’t; they were filmed using drones. While this technology has gone mainstream of late, those of us in the GIS industry have been using the devices for years to take mapping to completely different level. Find out three new ways drone technology is currently inspiring the GIS world.

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Topics: Drone technology, drones, GIS Mapping

Look Out for the Top Emerging Trends in Information Technology

Posted by Jason Harris on Jul 30, 2016 2:55:47 PM


It’s hard to imagine our lives without the constant connectivity of our smartphones, and yet just a few years ago we lived in such a world. What about the cloud and GPS? Can you imagine a week of your life without using these information technology tools? In a few short years, we will be saying the same thing about today’s emerging technologies that, for the moment, seem surreal and intangible and yet will soon be taken for granted aspects of our daily lives. Did you ever think you would be on the brink of robotics applications in industries across the board, or virtual reality for that matter? These are just a few of the emerging trends in information technology to keep your eye as their will inevitably be applications for them in your business, even if you can’t imagine how right now.

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Topics: arcGIS, big data, Cloud, connected devices, Data, drones, emerging trends, futures, GIS, internet of things, IT, mobile, Mobile Applications, robotics, ROK Mobile, Virtualization, Visualization

How Drones Contribute to 3D GIS View

Posted by Jay Fowler on Nov 17, 2015 11:42:01 PM

Whether you’ve seen them flying around your neighborhood or on the five o’clock news, you’ve surely been captivated by drones of all varieties. Between these two poles of drone as hobby and drone as warcraft or spy vehicle, the exciting middle ground is often missed - drone as data collector using 3D GIS software. If you’re in the geospatial field, it’s time to start studying up on drones, as they are an increasingly useful tool for you and one that will keep you relevant in your line of work.

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Topics: 3D imaging, arcGIS, drones, GIS data collection

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