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3 Ways Big Data Analytics Can Improve Safety in Cities

Posted by Charlie Baker on Nov 13, 2016 5:33:57 PM

Fact Or Fiction?

You might remember a movie from the early 2000s called Minority Report. The film, which starred Tom Cruise, was set in a futuristic society where telepaths could predict crime before they occurred, leading to the arrest of criminals for something they had not done yet. The movie, though well-made and quite thrilling, is of course a dramatic work of fiction. Nevertheless, the idea of trying to prevent crime instead of just responding to it is one which certainly has appeal. One method some major cities are using to help deter and respond to crime is Big Data Analytics. We have spoken about Big Data before, as well as given examples of how some organizations and companies have used it to improve their brand. Here’s now a more in-depth look!

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How to Embrace IoT While Protecting Your Big Data

Posted by Charlie Baker on Oct 28, 2016 1:35:13 PM

The Bold New World of IOT

GettyImages-524553334.jpgFor those who don’t know what is meant by Internet of Things can look here for an extensive breakdown of what it is and what it means. In short, IoT refers to the vast quantity of devices which can connect wirelessly to the internet — and to each other — and the data generated by them. Devices connected to this system don’t necessarily need a human operator in order to send and receive data. IoT is a topic that is increasingly being talked about in the tech world today. And for good reason: the potential benefits of allowing multiple devices to connect to each other are staggering to think about. And it is becoming increasingly popular, with some estimates predicting over 30 billion devices connected together. The amount of data that number of devices could generate is so large it is almost impossible to quantify. Naturally, many organizations are wanting to take advantage of all these benefits the IoT data offers. Some however also have expressed valid concerns about it, viewing Internet of Things as a potential risk to their organization’s vita data. ROK Tech believes new technology should be embraced, especially when it is this exciting. If you are concerned about 

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ROKMAPS™ - A Best-in-Class Web GIS Platform

Posted by Carey Jenkins on Aug 29, 2016 5:51:50 PM

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3 Practical Ways GIS Puts Predictive Analytics on the Map

Posted by Jason Harris on Aug 29, 2016 7:48:45 AM


GIS is a powerful tool in many respects and is one of the central ways in which predictive analytics will become the norm across many disciplines and industries. Geospatial analysis can be a critical way to determine many things from crime to health risks and even in helping communications for corporate or government field workers. With excessive amounts of data and the expansive mobility of workers, predictive analytics maps are a useful tool that help leaders make faster, smarter and more informed decisions, whether in the face of an impending crisis or a big business deal.

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Get on the Right Path to Enterprise Readiness

Posted by Jay Fowler on Aug 16, 2016 2:46:52 PM


The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way business is done and will demand that leaders consider their enterprise readiness in order to adapt to new economies. Consumer technology is central to this shift that is beginning to take place and demands that businesses approach enterprise readiness with the understanding that employees will be working and accessing corporate data from personal mobile devices. While this proves to be the most productive model of leveraging the IoT for productivity, it also presents more risks than if you were limiting their work to company provided devices and on-site work. By freeing them up and encouraging their consumerism, you can expect better work and, as long as you have considered your enterprise readiness in making this shift, the risks can be aptly managed.

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Gain Increased Security in the Internet of Things

Posted by Jay Fowler on Aug 5, 2016 4:26:28 PM

One of the biggest questions companies have before moving forward to grasp all the amazing promises of the Internet of Things is that of security. Will data streams remain secure when they become even more varied through the growing number of mobile devices? As the Internet of Things becomes a reality across industries, new forms of data will emerge as information expands beyond current classifications, leading to an even greater need for new and yet unseen forms of analysis to sort and make sense of all this new data. The task at hand with this new reality is no small feat, and security is just one very important aspect of it. As you begin to consider how the Internet of Things will affect your industry and business, here are some things to consider in regards to security.

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Look Out for the Top Emerging Trends in Information Technology

Posted by Jason Harris on Jul 30, 2016 2:55:47 PM


It’s hard to imagine our lives without the constant connectivity of our smartphones, and yet just a few years ago we lived in such a world. What about the cloud and GPS? Can you imagine a week of your life without using these information technology tools? In a few short years, we will be saying the same thing about today’s emerging technologies that, for the moment, seem surreal and intangible and yet will soon be taken for granted aspects of our daily lives. Did you ever think you would be on the brink of robotics applications in industries across the board, or virtual reality for that matter? These are just a few of the emerging trends in information technology to keep your eye as their will inevitably be applications for them in your business, even if you can’t imagine how right now.

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3 Ways Data Visualization Can Help Make Your Vision a Reality

Posted by Emma Paz on Jul 22, 2016 3:07:07 PM


Data visualization is a modern form of communications that involves the study and creation of visual representations of large data streams often known as big data. Visualizing data is a powerful tool across many industries and disciplines and is often done with tools like ArcGIS, capable of turning almost any form of data into a geographical point ready to be mapped. If you have yet to unlock the power of big data in your company or organization and leverage it through maps and other means of data visualization, it’s time to get caught up with the technology quickly becoming taken for granted in various fields. It is being used in various administrative settings around the world from city planning to shipping and logistics and even marketing and sales.

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