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3 Ways to Get Better Perspective When You 3D Enable Your Geographic Data

Posted by Jay Fowler on Feb 18, 2016 12:59:40 PM

Are you tired of working in abstractions with your GIS data on 2D maps that don’t quite give you the visualizations you want? The advent of ArcGIS Pro is a new era for GIS experts, allowing them to 3D enable their data to make their maps more honest representations of real life. Not only can you now work with your data in 3D, but you can analyze it also, giving you whole new datasets to work with through which to see the full height and depth of life in your digital representations and maps. The world is not flat, so why should we map it as if it were? If technology allows us to map in 3D, let’s do it!

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Do You Have Valuable Esri Software Still Sitting in the Box?

Posted by Jay Fowler on Jan 20, 2016 1:36:36 PM

492146870.jpgHave you ever made a sizable investment in new software to make life and work simpler, brought it home, felt the newness of the packaging in your hands, and placed up on something altar-like above your computer only to find in that same place completely untouched months later? We’ve all been there. Whether it’s Rosetta Stone, the Adobe Suite, or Esri Software, the sinking feeling is the same. There’s aren’t many things worse than letting that investment go to waste in the box it came in, especially when it’s brand new Esri software, designed to make your organization more profitable by helping you make better decisions based on the real hard data of your experience.

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Virtualizing ArcGIS - Now and the Road Ahead

Posted by Jason Harris on Apr 8, 2015 9:36:45 AM

ThinkstockPhotos-478450750.jpgOne integral part of ROK’s enterprise solution is delivering virtualized ArcGIS Desktops to clients all over the country.  Many people have already discovered the benefits of virtualizing applications - especially those in ArcGIS platform.

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Topics: arcGIS, ArcGIS Hosting, ArcGIS Pro, Esri, Infrastructure as a Service, ROK Technologies

Esri Partner Conference Wrap Up

Posted by Jay Fowler on Mar 16, 2015 3:38:05 PM

Mike, Jason, and I just returned from a fantastic trip to Palm Springs California. We attended Esri's Partner Conference and want to share some of the notable exciting developments for the ArcGIS© Platform.

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