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Why Wait to Transition GIS on Desktop to the Cloud?

Posted by Jay Fowler on Mar 19, 2016 5:54:28 AM

Moving your GIS on Desktop to the cloud is a big decision and one that often comes only after a long calculated decision. While it is no small task, the benefits far outweigh the time that goes into learning how to make the best use of your GIS on Desktop cloud capabilities. The GIS on Desktop platform comes with ArcGIS Online, which gives you access to all your data from anywhere in the world on a centralized secure server. This cloud computing solution for GIS on Desktop isn’t only more convenient for all your map making needs, but it is actually more cost effective. Don’t hesitate to make the move to the cloud if you’re looking for more scalability and flexibility.

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How to Maximize the benefits of ArcGIS License Ownership

Posted by Jason Harris on Feb 26, 2016 5:20:01 AM


Finding the right ArcGIS license can be one of the most challenging aspects of getting your ArcGIS for Desktop up and running, not to mention being among the most costly steps in the process. The benefits of this tool far outweigh the cost of ArcGIS licensing, making it a worthwhile investment that will continue to deliver returns for years to come. Whether you’re an individual seeking GIS training at home, or an enterprise looking for an affordable ArcGIS license solution, you won’t fall short of finding just the thing to suit your needs.

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