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The Smart Money is on Mobile App Design

Posted by Jason Harris on May 5, 2016 9:28:21 PM


If you’ve taken a moment to make some observations in any public space recently, you’ve no doubt seen that the majority of people are, if not staring at it, at least very in tune with whatever is happening on their mobile devices. This constant connectivity is now central to both our workplaces and the way we interact with customers. No matter what industry you’re in, mobile app design is a must, allowing you to reach more people anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s a mobile app design for your website or a universal application that allows data sharing across platforms and geographic regions, there’s no way to avoid taking this step to stay relevant in your industry.

Have a Mobile App Design for the Public

Universal applications accessed from any mobile device are always helpful and exciting, whether you’re in the financial industry or even something like shipping. Everyone loves to have immediate and easy access to any information they might need by taking the trusted device out of their pocket. If you don’t have a responsive website, you’ll have a hard time relying on getting any business from the web. A mobile ready solution in app form executed well can do a lot to turn those enthusiastic new customers into lifetime devotees. Don’t discount mobile technologies because they seem only tangentially significant in your field. With an infrastructure that includes a mobile ready solution that is at the forefront of what your industry has to offer, you are bound not only to convert more leads from the web but provide a better customer experience, keeping those customers in the door for years to come.

The Internal Benefits of Pursuing a Mobile App Design

A virtual mobile infrastructure will enable your employees to access sensitive and secure data from anywhere, freeing them up to be as productive as possible. The partner to desktop virtualization, a mobile app design extends your productivity that much further, giving you more accessibility to your secured data. If you have more than just people working from home, but actually remotely in the field, collecting data or responding to service needs, a virtual mobile infrastructure will turn antiquated systems into high-tech wonders.

The Key

The primary step in investing in a mobile app design is moving away from onsite hosting and upgrading to the cloud. By moving all your data and applications to the cloud you not only add redundancy making it more secure, but you set yourself up for varied mobile ready solutions that will be perfect for your business. With many of the larger and more consuming software systems like ArcGIS Pro moving to cloud-based models anyways, taking this step away from onsite data management will not only save you time and money but will help ease you into this transition.

With a company like ROK that can handle all of your technology infrastructure needs, there is great understanding about how a mobile app design fits into and contributes to all of your digital needs, products, and services. Specializing in GIS applications but excelling across many industries, ROK is available as a trusted technology infrastructure partner.

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