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The Best Companies Have Switched to Outsourced IT Services

Posted by Mike Cotter on Apr 13, 2016 1:42:59 PM


Are you considering outsourcing your IT to experts? Studies have shown that the most successful small businesses have already outsourced IT services to companies whose expertise lies in giving you technology that will set you apart in your industry. There are many motivations besides targeted expertise that lead business leaders to opt for outsourced IT services like significant cost and time savings. Outsourced IT services save companies from managing an entire department, allowing for more predictable time and money management. If you’ve got a big project in the pipeline, look into the options for outsourced IT services before you make a move.

Cost Savings

There are many factors that contribute to the significant cost savings you’ll accrue when you opt for outsourced IT services. You will save your business from having to hire new personnel or train existing ones for your new directions and projects. When ramping up for a new IT project you will also save yourself the expense of purchasing whole new workstations for in-house staff when you go with outsourced IT services. Most IT consultants can even manage all your hosting needs, so you can have more redundancy in the cloud and greater data security. When all these aspects add up you’ll begin to realize the myriad ways and departments in which you will be cutting costs with outsourced IT services. A recent study showed that, especially for companies under the 300 employee mark, cost savings is anywhere in the range of 25% to 40%.

Hire Experts

Technology varies across industries, and the great thing about the numerous choices of IT service providers out there is that many of them are experts in specific fields. This ensures that they won’t only have expertise in the actual IT they will be building for you, but they will know what will work best for your industry, and how to both set you apart and get you ahead of the game. ROK Tech, for instance, provides a full range of outsourced IT services from hosting to custom software and application development, while specializing in GIS users in particular.

Endless Resources

With outsourced IT services, you will have more flexibility, which is ideal for a small and quickly growing company. Providers can manage all your hosting needs and changes without a sweat, allowing you to focus on changes in all the other departments that need your attention. Instead of spending time hiring to meet new needs and purchasing new equipment for them, you can call your IT partner and consult with them about your new directions and expansions. Outsourced IT services often offer a more directed and timely option for expansion, taking all the guesswork out of your time and budget.

While taking on a new project can be overwhelming at first, the benefits of outsourced IT services are literally endless. The perfect consultant will ease the weight of the transition by building what you need, and training your employees on it while you can make a monthly plan and budget for your new products and services. If you want to learn more about ROK as an IT partner and expert in GIS, give us a call.

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