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GIS is the Amazing, but Often Overlooked Software for Nonprofits!

Posted by Jay Fowler on May 11, 2016 10:06:07 AM



Whether you’re a nonprofit with global reach, or a small community service looking for a better way to manage your local networks and fundraising efforts, software for nonprofits exists in many shapes and forms. That said, the software for nonprofits that is often the most overlooked, and yet the most versatile is GIS. Known as the mapping software, GIS actually has great value across many industries from urban planning and agriculture, to coordinating international initiatives as a central data hub. You wouldn’t believe how useful physical representations of all kinds of data can be in challenging and building out powerful strategies that will have a greater and more lasting impact.

Transforming Data

While GIS is invaluable in hard science disciplines, it’s functionality goes much deeper than mapping wildlife patterns and the like. GIS as a software for nonprofits can serve as a central and mobile ready data repository with visualizations of otherwise arbitrary numbers and observations at your fingertips. Bringing your data to life can not only help you strategize and bring your mission to life but it can help you tell your story better to donors and the public alike. If you are looking for ways to better realize your missions, be it local, global or both simultaneously, GIS is the perfect software for your nonprofit.

GIS as a Fundraising Tool

Finding the right donor prospects and clearly representing your mission to them is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges you face in fundraising for your nonprofit. While there are numerous options of fundraising software for nonprofits out there involving different ways to manage prospects, GIS offers a comprehensive system. It has the ability to act as both a CRM and a visualization of the work you have already accomplished, as well as your vision for the future. Philanthropists think alike and you’ll often find them living in similar regions and attending the same kinds of events. Keep track of your targets to find trends of where and when to meet the right people who will be interested in your cause. With GIS you can differentiate yourself both geographically and in the work you do from other nonprofits your prospects might be interested in, effectively doing research for them and finding the perfect match for yourself. Your command of this software for nonprofits will show your proficiency and understanding of the field, and where the money is going and where it needs to be.

Esri Nonprofit Organization Program

With the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program you can easily advance the important work you do, be it environmental, humanitarian or otherwise. GIS as a software for nonprofits can help you promote transparency and take advantage of new modes of analysis while keeping track of potential financial contributors to your organization.

While Esri is excited to facilitate nonprofits in the work they do with unmatched discounts on software and training, a GIS infrastructure partner can be more helpful in achieving the most use of this complex and far-reaching software for nonprofits. Call ROK for a more comprehensive understanding of how GIS can fit into your greater IT infrastructure so you can leverage this tool to the best of its ability.

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