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ROKMAPS™ - A Best-in-Class Web GIS Platform

Posted by Carey Jenkins on Aug 29, 2016 5:51:50 PM

ROK MAPS 4-C Logo-Option 3

If you have been with ROK a while, you know we are masters of the fine art of Web GIS.  We can transform datums and calculate areas and sketch polygons better than anyone.  ROK really pushes the envelope (pun intended) when it comes to Web GIS - but we want you to expect even more from your apps.  True, we just bragged a little about our almost superhuman capabilities of pushing robust GIS tools to your users with a simple web browser...but you know what?  We are map geeks, GIS nerds, and virtualization evangelists - and not graphic designers. We’ve always thought “well what if we could marry our killer Web GIS capabilities with a gorgeous, easy to use, cross platform interface?  Well folks, wonder no more, because ROKMAPS is officially here and we can't wait to show you! ROKMAPS gives you a gorgeous user interface and a new, advanced 3D visualization toolset.


We started with the latest and greatest technologies from Esri, and with usability and function on the forefront of our minds, we built ROKMAPS from the ground up. We wanted a world class design and user interface to match our world class GIS toolset.  We nailed it, and hope you agree.

What you’ll experience with ROKMAPS:

  • Configurable for 2D and 3D mapping, analytics and reporting
  • Easy to navigate, intuitive user interface

Interested in upgrading or purchasing ROKMAPS?  Contact us or check out the Free Trial.

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