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Why Managed Services for IT? And Why Now?

Posted by Emma Paz on Jun 24, 2016 3:21:30 PM


The world of business is in rapid motion in the age of technology, with a never ending stream of new hardware and software changing the way things are done. One of the biggest shifts of late is the redefinition even presence of the formerly crucial role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). While CTOs were central to the operations of all businesses from local to multinational corporations, they are now being made obsolete by companies who provide a full range of managed services for IT.

Why Managed Services for IT?

Providing everything from hosting to website and software design, managed services for IT offer all encompassing solutions that will lighten the burden of the high salary CTO position on your business, no matter its size. Companies that provide managed services for IT also make great partners for large organizations looking to expand one aspect of their IT without hiring new people to do so. In this case they work alongside the CTO to help you get a new project out the door.

Why Now?

If you’re on the fence about whether to look into managed services for IT as opposed to hiring a CTO, consider the fact that cloud-based solutions are now the norm, and there are many experts out there who can set you up with secure and remote access to all of your software and data. This is itself a huge benefit to working with an IT consultant, as they often specialize in the full range of IT and cloud-based services without your having to take on the expense of hiring and training more people to handle all of your needs. When you opt for cloud solutions in your managed services for IT, you are afforded limitless scalability without the trouble of working out the details on your own.

The Perfect Partnership

Larger corporations and organizations like multinationals or the government find managed services for IT incredibly helpful in smaller, department-specific projects. With IT expanding into every aspect of operations beyond just data management and networks, there is ample opportunity to use managed services for IT when building new software for your marketing and sales department, or automating a portion of your manufacturing or distribution. The right partner will lighten the burden on a CTO by taking control of these projects, ensuring that they integrate well with the existing infrastructure.

Whether you’re a small company just starting up who can’t take on the expense of a highly paid CTO, or a large organization with an exciting new project in the works, the scope of managed services for IT is sure to be of help to you. Don't’ take on unnecessary expenses while bringing your vision to life when you can hire experts in project management who have the manpower and the availability to focus on your ideas alone. Managed services for IT are here to make your life easier, and ROK offers a great partnership in working towards making your goals a reality. Give us a call to learn more about our experience and expertise. 


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