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If You Really Want to be Targeted You Need Location Based Analytics

Posted by Jay Fowler on Apr 2, 2016 10:22:11 AM


GIS can be used in countless ways to make smarter and more strategic business plans. Location intelligence is a growing interest across many industries from food and beverage to government organizations looking to target the right kind of people in the right places. If business intelligence, the process of analyzing data to have a more targeted strategy, is something your organization is growing in, consider the weight that location plays into all your decisions. Don’t overlook the importance of location based analytics in growing your business intelligence practices. Do some research on the powerful tool of ArcGIS and how you can use it in your industry.

Location Based Analytics

Business intelligence is the field of leveraging available technologies to collect and analyze data in order to make more sound decisions. Location based analytics is one part of business intelligence and uses GIS software to do everything from track business traffic, to collect demographic data in certain locations. GIS can add agility across many departments in your business, allowing you to visualize operations and processes both historically and in projections. Investing in location based analytics will give you a significant edge in your industry as it is a rapidly growing practice. It will not only keep you relevant, but it will position you ahead of many of your competitors.  

What is GIS?

GIS is software consisting of tons of data, enabling users to collect, manage and analyze data in a meaningful way. Giving you the ability to manage all your data, you can then merge this data with maps, creating visualizations of all kinds, be it weather patterns or city streets. With these visualizations, you can better grasp, critique and see your data and make better deductions and more intelligent business decisions. GIS is the main tool used in locations based analytics, and improves the core operations in many organizations, migrating what used to be paper processes into digital and visual form. Your data will no longer be lost in a filing cabinet, but in a picture right in front of you, helping you understand and analyze on a level you never have before.

A Case Study

Wendy’s Co. has gotten a lot of press for their great use of business intelligence and location based analytics specifically. They began using GIS to manage real estate and identify optimal locations for new restaurants to open, analyzing the areas’ demographics in order to consider who their potential customers would be. Wendy’s has since realized that GIS would be useful in marketing and operations departments as well, to help them better target customers and develop the menus they will want. Expanding GIS use in any company takes education and analysis in order to best use the expansive tools that the software offers.

If you’re vamping up your business intelligence in order to better reach and serve your customers and help your employees do their job even better, you ought to consider location based analytics. ArcGIS for Desktop is a tool with endless possibilities, giving you the opportunity to continually reconsider and remake many of your operations and strategies.

For more information on how this awesome tool can help you expand your business intelligence, call the GIS experts at ROK Technologies.


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