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How to Embrace IoT While Protecting Your Big Data

Posted by Charlie Baker on Oct 28, 2016 1:35:13 PM

The Bold New World of IOT

GettyImages-524553334.jpgFor those who don’t know what is meant by Internet of Things can look here for an extensive breakdown of what it is and what it means. In short, IoT refers to the vast quantity of devices which can connect wirelessly to the internet — and to each other — and the data generated by them. Devices connected to this system don’t necessarily need a human operator in order to send and receive data. IoT is a topic that is increasingly being talked about in the tech world today. And for good reason: the potential benefits of allowing multiple devices to connect to each other are staggering to think about. And it is becoming increasingly popular, with some estimates predicting over 30 billion devices connected together. The amount of data that number of devices could generate is so large it is almost impossible to quantify. Naturally, many organizations are wanting to take advantage of all these benefits the IoT data offers. Some however also have expressed valid concerns about it, viewing Internet of Things as a potential risk to their organization’s vita data. ROK Tech believes new technology should be embraced, especially when it is this exciting. If you are concerned about 

Concerns About the Internet of Things and Big Data

Just to be clear, Big Data here is referring to extremely large data sets that organizations use to uncover patterns and make strategic decisions. The size of that data — and thus the information available — is only growing larger as more organizations embrace cloud computing. The rise in devices with wireless internet capability also contributes to Big Data. Companies are seeing the value of Big Data and how it can be utilized for planning the direction of the organization. They are also worried about potential risks. One of the biggest concerns is the security of the data, especially with the rise of devices connected to Internet of Things. And it makes sense to think this way. Internet of Things means more of your devices are exposed to the web, and that means there are more potential access points for hackers to compromise your data. With thousands of smart devices nearby — on phones, clothing, appliances — the fear is that any of them could become a potential threat.

How Other Organizations are Embracing IoT

Despite these fears, however, many organizations are finding ways to utilize Internet of Things. The city of Barcelona Spain utilized a marriage between IoT and Big Data by building a data center to process information from their smart parking meters. The data they receive is then used to make improvements to public transportation. Another company which took advantage of IoT is Disney. Their MagicBands allow the company to track customer movements and spending habits. The data generated can be used to improve the quality of the overall guest experience. In South Korea, popular relaxation spas feature a similar type of band. Guests at the spa can use their bands to purchase snacks and massages, and pay for their accommodations when leaving the spa. This article offers more great examples of how Internet of Things and Big Data work well together.

Take Advantage of IoT Today

Of course you should take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your data. Make sure you have a proper firewall, update your passwords frequently, and don't allow strange unknown devices to connect to your network. Having the right professionals on your IT team can also make a world of difference for protecting your data. So go ahead and see what IoT can do for you! You may be surprised at how ingenious your company becomes.

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