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Gain Increased Security in the Internet of Things

Posted by Jay Fowler on Aug 5, 2016 4:26:28 PM

One of the biggest questions companies have before moving forward to grasp all the amazing promises of the Internet of Things is that of security. Will data streams remain secure when they become even more varied through the growing number of mobile devices? As the Internet of Things becomes a reality across industries, new forms of data will emerge as information expands beyond current classifications, leading to an even greater need for new and yet unseen forms of analysis to sort and make sense of all this new data. The task at hand with this new reality is no small feat, and security is just one very important aspect of it. As you begin to consider how the Internet of Things will affect your industry and business, here are some things to consider in regards to security.

Build Security into the Internet of Things

There are many aspects of the Internet of Things to which security needs to be applied. You have to consider your mobile devices, the network itself, and even the software code running your connected devices. With so many different devices and large frameworks prone to fragmentation on this eve of the new mainstream Internet of Things, there are various opportunities for hackers to override your systems and access your data. In order to avoid vulnerabilities, you need a technology partner who has expert experience in both cloud security and mobile platforms to ensure that as you make the shift to a more connected business model you aren’t compromising on a secure business model.

Secure Communications Between Mobile Devices

There are ways to protect your mobile communications whether it’s machine-to-machine, machine-to-person and vice versa, or person-to-person. Be sure that whoever is leading you through this transition into the world of the Internet of Things enables all of your connected devices with authentication certificates that encrypt data as it is transmitted across networks. This will ensure that no one or thing is communicating with your connected devices without the proper authentication.  

Secure your Operating System

Whether you’re using Linux, QNX or Windows, be sure that your operating system is outfitted with embedded security that will protect everything from the core to all endpoints.

Secure Your Code

Be sure that you have control of the permissions for all code that runs on your devices. With complex author and publisher authorizations you can ensure that hacked code is never an issue when working in the Internet of Things for both applications and devices.


Security for Industry 4.0 doesn’t need to be a huge headache, you simply need a partner well versed in mobile connectivity to help you make the shift into new business models and their security necessities. ArcGIS experts are pros when it comes to mobile connectivity and secure cloud services and can help companies across many industries get outfitted with a complete Internet of Things infrastructure in the safest way possible while leveraging great analytical tools like GIS software. For more information about how ROK can help you enter the new world, give us a call.

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