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How to Maximize the benefits of ArcGIS License Ownership

Posted by Jason Harris on Feb 26, 2016 5:20:01 AM


Finding the right ArcGIS license can be one of the most challenging aspects of getting your ArcGIS for Desktop up and running, not to mention being among the most costly steps in the process. The benefits of this tool far outweigh the cost of ArcGIS licensing, making it a worthwhile investment that will continue to deliver returns for years to come. Whether you’re an individual seeking GIS training at home, or an enterprise looking for an affordable ArcGIS license solution, you won’t fall short of finding just the thing to suit your needs.

Get Started With ArcGIS for Home

If you want to learn or develop your GIS skills for your professional growth, the at-home ArcGIS license is the best way to go. For just $100 a year, you can get full access to ArcGIS for Desktop right from your home computer. With the full range of mapping capabilities, you can share your newfound mapping expertise with your community and gain your credibility as a GIS expert. This is also the most affordable option to use an ArcGIS license for technical training in GIS if you are not yet working in the field.

License Levels

For professionals, there are three different levels of ArcGIS license to consider. All are a perpetual license offered either for an individual or a team. The Basic License, Standard License, and Advanced License all include full functionality of ArcGIS software, including ArcGIS Online, allowing you and your partners to stay connected remotely and from the field. An Esri representative will be able to help you figure out which solution will suit your needs best and keep you from trying to figure out which ArcGIS license you need on your own.

Enterprise License Agreement

The Esri Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) is a means to affordable and flexible GIS software management for both large and small organizations. It works with ArcGIS for Desktop, Server and Engine and is offered in two different pricing models. Standard Licensing gives your organization permanent rights to using the software based on a contract of three years with annual fixed payments. If you have a small organization you will want to consider Subscription Licensing, which offers temporary rights to the software at a predetermined term that is amenable to your needs and budget. The Enterprise License agreement includes full term maintenance offering technical support phone calls, frequent new releases and updates, and the opportunity to attend the annual Esri conference and free news and user documentation.

Esri Packages

When you purchase an ELA through Esri you are eligible for any of the many convenient hardware and data packages that facilitate everything from upgrading your GIS software and hardware, to expanding your data collection’s means and server space. ELA’s offer customers plenty of room for growth and support in all their ArcGIS license endeavors.    

Finding the right ArcGIS License doesn’t need to be a daunting task. With the right information and good help, you won’t have any problem getting the perfect solution in place and will find the transition easy. If you’re looking for a partner to walk you through finding the Esri license that fits best with your organization, call ROK.

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