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Get on the Right Path to Enterprise Readiness

Posted by Jay Fowler on Aug 16, 2016 2:46:52 PM


The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way business is done and will demand that leaders consider their enterprise readiness in order to adapt to new economies. Consumer technology is central to this shift that is beginning to take place and demands that businesses approach enterprise readiness with the understanding that employees will be working and accessing corporate data from personal mobile devices. While this proves to be the most productive model of leveraging the IoT for productivity, it also presents more risks than if you were limiting their work to company provided devices and on-site work. By freeing them up and encouraging their consumerism, you can expect better work and, as long as you have considered your enterprise readiness in making this shift, the risks can be aptly managed.

Enterprise Readiness in Business Models

The workforce is increasingly mobile, and many studies have shown that it is to everyone’s benefit. Employees accomplish more both at work and at home when they are free to be remote when it’s convenient, if not full-time. What you need to consider as an employer is how their mobility can be as secure as possible for a person’s specific job description. Enterprise readiness requires that your management of consumer mobile devices be strategic in that it is both flexible and completely airtight. Without the uniformity that businesses have been used to when IT was a small part of operations and everything was done in-house, now businesses face a much larger beast when it comes to managing the IoT. If you aren’t prepared to develop a strategy on your own, there are great IT infrastructure companies with expertise in managing the mobile workforce and its corresponding IoT.

Data Security

When it comes to enterprise readiness, data security is one of the biggest areas of concern. There are many aspects of the Internet of Things to which security needs to be applied. You have to consider your mobile devices, the network itself, and even the software code running your connected devices. With so many different devices and large frameworks prone to fragmentation on this eve of the new mainstream IoT, there are various opportunities for hackers to override your systems and access your data. There are ways to protect your mobile communications whether it’s machine-to-machine, machine-to-person and vice versa, or person-to-person. Be that all of your connected devices are enabled with authentication certificates that encrypt data as it is transmitted across networks.

Talent for the Internet of Things

Another important aspect of enterprise readiness is securing talent that is able not only to operate smoothly within the IoT business models but also manage them. A recent survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit found that 38% of respondents are planning to rapidly hire talent who are IoT-ready, while only 18% said that they have the talent in this area that they currently need. Much of this talent will come from the intuitively tech-savvy millennial generation, which means that many legacy corporations will also need to rework the way they attract talent to appeal to an increasingly mobile workforce with different values.

Enterprise readiness for the Internet of Things era is no small task. There are new modes of working, communicating, and even new values to consider in operating your business. Don’t let this economic shift pass you by or your business will feel the pinch. For more information about how ROK can help you in achieving enterprise readiness, give us a call.

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