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Enjoy 3 Benefits When You Switch to a Virtual CAD Workstation

Posted by Jay Fowler on May 20, 2016 5:06:32 AM

Most CAD related industries are incredibly competitive, with constant pressure to meet market demands, and do it faster than the competition. With the demands of this industry, no one can afford to waste any time with unfit CAD workstations. If you have a few of these in your midst and you’re starting to feel the lag, you have a few options: you can either purchase new workstations that will give your employees the computing power they need to work more efficiently, or you can consider virtualization. In a world that is becoming increasingly cloud-centered, virtualized CAD workstations are probably your best bet, and here’s why.  

  1. Save on New CAD Workstations
    CAD workstations are anything but cheap and typically run anywhere between $1750 to $2500 apiece. If you consider virtualizing your CAD workstations and relying on your central cloud servers to host all of your desktop applications, you no longer have to worry about everybody’s individual computers. Instead you rely on the networks to do the heavy lifting for you, while experiencing faster computing and less saturation when doing high computing tasks. If your hardware is all relatively up-to-date and simply slowing down significantly, consider investing in virtualization instead of new CAD workstations and you’ll save money in the long run.
  2. Improve Collaboration
    With the virtualization of CAD workstations you allow multiple people to collaborate on projects in real time. This takes the headache of out constantly finding and sharing the latest iterations of a design or visualization. Instead you can assign tasks and work together to see them through. This kind of collaboration will not only get your work done faster, but it has also proven to foster more creativity and innovation. By using a central server for your desktop applications like CAD and all the data you need, you also afford people the ability to work remotely, freeing them up to do important things outside of work.
  3. Faster Delivery
    With CAD workstations that exist on an island, there are multiple factors that typically slow work down. Retrieving and exchanging data in a network can not only be slow, but also confusing, especially when you’re dealing with a slow network. Single-threaded applications can take seemingly forever to get anything done, while data exchange between the CPU and storage is a real finger-tapper. When you virtualize your CAD workstation you take the weight off individual machines and free them up to do only the front end work, while the real computing happens on central secure servers.

With the virtualization of CAD workstations quickly becoming the norm, it makes sense to consider undergoing this transition now so you can keep up with the competition. Don’t overlook technology’s ability to help you stay relevant in your industry. With the right IT partner the switch to virtualized CAD workstations can be painless. Give ROK a call for more information on how we can help you make the change.

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