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Desktop Virtualization is the Way of the Future: 3 Reasons to Convert Now

Posted by Jay Fowler on Apr 7, 2016 1:27:14 PM

ThinkstockPhotos-478450750.jpgDesktop Virtualization is quickly becoming the norm for organizations of all kinds who are looking for more flexibility with their data and desktop applications. The advent of cloud computing has made desktop virtualization available to everyone while saving them the hassle of upgrading local systems. If you want to hire remote employees, upgrade your security or make the move to the flexible and cost effective cloud, it’s time to start thinking about desktop virtualization as a great option. Don’t let the age of cloud computing and desktop virtualization pass you by!
3 Reasons for Desktop Virtualization

  1. Security
    Without a virtual desktop, you are relying on fickle and aging hardware to secure all your data, sensitive and otherwise. When you virtualize your desktop, you take the risk out of hosting your own data, as it is all stored and backed up remotely and automatically. You no longer have to worry about failing hard drives, and your weekly backup session. Desktop virtualization is all about redundancy and is the best way to ensure that your data is secure while also being accessible from anywhere. Hosting your data remotely in the cloud also means that you’ll have cyber security experts ensuring that the highest measures are taken to keep your data safe from outside attacks and other vulnerabilities.  
  2. Remote Access
    If you’re running data collecting applications and software like ArcGIS, there is nothing more convenient than having remote access via a virtualized desktop. This means that if you are heading into the field to collect data, or maybe need to pull up data for a client in a meeting across the country, you can do it all through desktop virtualization. With the growing niche economy, you can also expand your hiring horizons, giving jobs to people outside your geographic location who can easily access the virtual desktop from their home office. This means you can be even pickier with the talent you are hiring without uprooting them and their family.
  3. Say Goodbye to On-Site Maintenance
    Desktop virtualization has been made much easier with the availability of cloud computing, allowing anyone to buy server space. This can save you a lot of money in the long run as you will no longer have to maintain local servers. Because of the prevalence of cloud options, hosting companies are able to give you as much or as little space as you need, giving you the ability to scale up or down as quickly as you need without having to think about the logistics of hosting. Let the pros take care of that, and free your IT staff up to do all the other things they’re already busy with.       

It’s hard to imagine running a business without desktop virtualization in the ever expanding tech era. Don’t let an antiquated IT infrastructure hold you back in your industry.  Call the GIS Experts at ROK Technologies to see how we can help your business stay technologically relevant with everything from hosting services to desktop virtualization. As experts in ArcGIS, we know how to handle high computing software.  

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