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Collaboration Technology is the Way to Make Nice with IT

Posted by Jason Harris on Apr 20, 2016 3:29:37 PM

ThinkstockPhotos-503489106.jpgThe benefits of outsourcing IT services to real experts in the field are endless and include cost savings in many shapes and sizes. When you have the need for remote computing solutions for both clients and employees, the right IT consultant can help you get the systems in place that you need for optimal workflows so you can work completely uninterrupted from anywhere you have a wifi connection. Collaboration technology is a software as a service (SASS) solution that will allow team members to work free of any burden from anywhere in the world. In a market where companies are increasingly becoming at least national entities, if not global networks, collaboration technology is something we all need to be more aware of.

Why Collaboration Technology?

Information technology experts build custom collaboration technology software to meet your specific needs and workflows. Whether you’re in the transportation industry or marketing and sales, collaboration technology will free you up to work consistently across borders and time zones. Whether you’re drawing up proposals, sorting through data, or even working on your own software development project, collaboration technology is the most efficient way to ensure that everyone involved in the process can get their hands dirty until the job is done. Don’t let business trips, sick kids, and remote employees fall out of the loop because they’re not in the office and lacking reliable ways to continue collaborating.

The Benefits of Collaboration Technology

With limitless access to collaborative projects from anywhere in the world, companies are freed up in many ways. If you’re having trouble filling a certain position and have invested in collaboration technology, you can widen your search for the perfect match for talent and personality, hiring someone who not only has the skills required but whose personality is a great match for the team. In turn, this saves you the money of having to expand your office space or pay for a new hire and their family to relocate. Studies have shown that remote employees are often more productive. If you’re hiring an IT consultant to build out this SASS, you will also likely save money in the work itself, without having to hire new management level employees to do the work.

Incentivize Collaboration

Embedding collaboration technology deep into every department and all work processes is imperative to creating a culture of teamwork. Teams that share responsibilities and the weight of excellence are bound to not only be more productive but to make better decisions and more innovations. By making collaboration the norm, you are encouraging kinship in your business, even if these people aren’t sitting next to each other, but rather on either coast.

Making collaboration the norm, and a matter of second nature is quickly becoming a crucial aspect of your IT infrastructure. Teams will undoubtedly work better than if every person is an island, helping you to stay ahead of the curve in your industry.  

If you’re looking for IT infrastructure experts to build out a SAAS for you like collaboration technology, consider ROK, whose expertise lies in GIS systems, with a wide scope of experience expanding from there.  


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