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Make Way for the New Chief Information Technology Officer

Posted by Emma Paz on Jun 2, 2016 11:37:46 AM


In the quickly changing world of business, of which technology has now become central, companies have just gotten settled into the idea that they need a real IT professional to operate as the Chief Information Technology Officer. But it seems now that things are comfortable, the tides are turning again with the advent of impeccable and specialized IT consulting firms who can readily replace the need for this management position, especially within companies who, while they use technology to leverage business, don’t have products and services based on it. Now CEOs are faced with yet another crossroads. Do you keep your IT management in house and in the hands of a highly paid manager, or do you seek help from the outside? Maybe it’s a middle of the road solution you’re looking for?

What Exactly is a Chief Information Technology Officer

Commonly referred to as a CIO, the Chief Information Technology Officer is a job title given to a senior executive who is responsible for every aspect of information technology and computer systems within an enterprise. The CIO will generally report directly to the CEO, and have a team of people working with him to ensure that networks are running smoothly and uninterrupted, that security measures are ironclad, and that all IT development projects are running smoothly. You can see that, even with a small department, our dependence on technology to both do our work, and get it out into the world, makes the job of your Chief Information Technology Officer extremely important and dynamic.

How is a Consultant Different?

An IT consulting firm affords any enterprise instantaneous scalability without having to figure out staffing, hosting and space and equipment logistics for any new project. Many IT consulting firms work alongside a company’s CIO for whatever new product or service is being launched, giving them all the extra hours and power they need to see it through. However, many smaller start up companies are also opting to forgo hiring a CIO, leaving the task of setting up their IT completely to a consultant and saving money in the long run on a high paying management position. With their hope to scale quickly, this also frees them from having to deal with all the logistics of growing from within. With cloud computing so widely used, consultants are sure to secure your data outside of your office workstations, saving them the wear and tear of locally hosted programs and data.

Sometimes it’s a Big Job

For the larger international organizations out there, the CIO will always be necessary, with technology seeping into every department so quickly that it might be happening outside her grasp or even eyesight and earshot. The consultant is just as relevant to this Chief Information Technology Officer’s need to keep pushing forward and transforming every aspect of the business into one that is centered around technology that is adaptable and efficient. In this scenario an IT consultant can help on certain projects where there isn’t a budget to expand the team in house.

Are you considering redefining the idea of the traditional CIO in order to stay relevant in your industry? Information technology infrastructure experts like ROK are the perfect consultants for new companies or those that are expanding their IT quickly. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you!


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