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You Can Have the 3 Things You Crave With Big Data Management

Posted by Jay Fowler on Jun 16, 2016 11:37:29 AM


When it comes to collecting big data, most companies are doing it indiscriminately and have far more than they even realize, and let this endless resource go completely untapped. However, with a big data management plan that is buttoned up and ready to be leveraged, there are countless ways to make more informed business decisions than you could have ever imagined. Big data management is no cake walk, and requires an infrastructure that is deeply and widely integrated into your processes and operations. With the help of the right big data management experts, you will soon be unlocking the powers of amazing tools like ArcGIS that help you put those stores of useful information to use!

3 Things to Look Forward to With Big Data Management

  1. Easy
    With the right tools in place big data management doesn’t have to be a headache. GIS tools for Hadoop, for instance, are open source software tools meant for big data spatial analytics. Many companies completely overlook the fact that there is almost always a geographic element to the data they’re collecting, and with software like Hadoop or ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server you can store, sort and visualization spatial data all in one place. Big data management like this is becoming universal across national and international companies looking to leverage their data to make more strategic business decisions, and it’s never been easier!
  2. Collaborative
    Big data management software like Hadoop and ArcGIS GeoEvent, which allows you to include real-time information streams with your existing data and IT infrastructure, are by nature cloud based applications. By leveraging cloud technologies you ensure that your big data management systems are available to all parties involved in their collection, visualization and analysis with easy access. This means there is no need to buy expensive workstations, or even be in the same place to partner on a project. This kind of collaboration is unbeatable, and only possible through a cloud based big data management infrastructure.
  3. Secure
    When you leverage cloud based infrastructure for your big data management, you are ensuring that your data and software is properly backed up and redundant. This means that not only do you not have to worry about storing any of your big data onsite and be responsible for backing it up, but also that you will have uninterrupted access to it via the cloud. You can now take for granted that offsite cloud hosting is actually the most secure means to having the best big data management infrastructure, and move on to finding the right fit for your organization.

When considering your big data management, an IT consultant is one of the most helpful paths you can take. ROK is an expert in both big data management infrastructure, as well as building custom ArcGIS applications that will help you make the most of of your existing data. We can make big data management both easy, collaborative and secure, taking that load off your backs so you can focus on growing your business. Call us today to learn more about how a big data management strategy will change the way you do business by turning cold hard numbers into a bright future.

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