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A Fresh Look at IT Infrastructure for Government

Posted by Jason Harris on Apr 27, 2016 1:27:27 PM

We are all aware that the government is not only in need of an IT infrastructure overhaul in many of its departments, but also that they are now actively seeking it. This will give civilian experts nationwide the chance to consider scaling up their solutions for the fed. IT infrastructure for government is a hot topic in the tech world and a feasible collaboration for companies who can accommodate a range of solutions for the all-encompassing infrastructure paradigm. Cloud computing is an aspect of IT infrastructure for the government that is of particular interest as it would alleviate many of their challenges with one integrated solution. It requires a partnership with some form of IT entity or cloud provider, which can have other benefits as well.

IT Infrastructure for Government Starts in the Cloud

Many of the government departments have antiquated hardware and legacy software that are both slowing down processes, and difficult to update. With legacy software, the challenge becomes whether this tool will function well on new hardware. The issue with buying new hardware remains that it’s downright expensive to completely refurbish a whole department with shiny new machines. Cloud computing nips this quagmire in the bud by ensuring that legacy software programs can run the way they always have from remote servers, alleviating hardware from the task of making them run, and financially freeing up departments to upgrade at a sustainable pace without compromising existing operations.

How to Choose a Cloud Provider

If a government department is looking solely for cloud computing options, than any of the big name companies out there like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft will do the trick. These companies offer hosting packages of any shape and size, with the opportunity to scale up and down as needed. If a federal department has the management in place to take care of this transition and the regular maintenance thereafter, this will be the best option. If, however, a federal department is looking for more comprehensive IT infrastructure for government, a small and full-service IT partner is your best bet.

What the Small Guys Have to Offer

While most of them don’t have the ability to instantaneously scale up and down or charge by the hour the way a MicroSoft or an Amazon does, smaller companies have competitive pricing and more services. If you’re running a department that needs to look seriously into IT services like cloud computing and mobile friendly website and applications, and big data analytics it’s better to pick one partner to walk you through the transition. The move from legacy to contemporary is a big one requiring expertise in many sub-fields from networks and programming to design and SEO. Don’t settle for a half-way solution, but find a partner like ROK who can strategize alongside you and work to meet your unique needs.

ROK Technologies is a full-service shop that has worked to provide IT infrastructure for government and other industries. With expertise in the GIS field, we are well suited for departments who are already using maps or looking for optimized mapping solutions. Give us a call to learn more about how we help you!

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