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3 Ways to Ensure Your ArcGIS Data is Properly Protected

Posted by Jason Harris on Feb 11, 2016 10:37:24 AM

GIS maps are invaluable tools across many industries in a world whose transactions are increasingly digital. Collecting and storing sensitive data in the cloud is undeniably more efficient. For a large enough organization it requires expertise not only for deployment but also for the ongoing security needed to keep your ever-changing and growing ArcGIS data safe. Data security is often a role all its own and quickly outgrows many IT positions as it becomes a task too large to keep in-house.

When you’re considering how to secure your ArcGIS data, there are three options for improving. Both your software and hardware ought to be under the utmost scrutiny to ensure they are as safe as possible from both infiltration and possible crashes. Redundancy is central to security, so make sure you always have your back covered. This leads to the third option - hire an expert in hosting to ensure that your ArcGIS data is as secure as possible not just now, but forever. Experts understand how the industry and its tools are changing and are constantly keeping track of it. Let them do the dirty work for you, freeing your IT staff to do their jobs with excellence.

  1. Software
    Ensuring that your ArcGIS data is secure in the applications you’re using can be a daunting task, but there are some easy steps to take that will ensure everything is safe. Use an application code to require log-in credentials before anyone is allowed access. Application codes can also be used to prevent SQL injection and other attacks from happening. ArcGIS for Server can be used to lockdown map service and require tokens to access your ArcGIS data while ArcGIS Online can be used to restrict webmap and webapp access. Configuring your security settings is easier than you think, so don’t let it go to the wayside.
  2. Hardware
    Servers are a whole different story, but don’t be intimidated! You can physically safeguard your servers as well as choose to search through only the most trusted servers. Guarding against component failure with the N+1 redundancy model to ensure that your servers are always up and running is a great step to take as well. Backups should never be overlooked no matter how tight your security is, and are crucial in case of a disaster. Georedundant datacenters are another great way to ensure your servers will always be up and running in case of a disaster in a specific geographic location.
  3. ROK Solid Security
    ROK Tech offers only the most secure ArcGIS data solutions from hosting to application development. Whatever your needs are in having the safest and most available data, ROK has ample experience in delivering stellar mapping products and services across industries. If security is just a big headache for you, let the professionals handle it.

Don’t let the race of secure ArcGIS data steal your freedom. Consult with ROK Tech to learn how best to keep your data safe and sound, whether it’s in new applications, redundant servers, or getting your data in the cloud. Call ROK Tech to learn more about safe ArcGIS data solutions.

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