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3 Ways Hackers are Forcing Network Security to Improve

Posted by Jason Harris on Oct 7, 2016 12:08:37 PM

It seems hackers are in the news all the time these days. You turn on the tv and hear reports of major cyber crimes against Yahoo, Target, and even Hollywood. You probably worry about your own network security. What would your business do in the event of a major cyber attack? These are valid everyday concerns, ones that experts like ROK Tech understand all too well. The good news is the hackers themselves may be inadvertently helping you find a solution. Do you find that surprising? Then check out 3 ways that network security has been improving in response to hackers.

    1. Hackers remind companies that automated defenses aren’t always enough. It seems like you hear all the time about computers and automation taking jobs away from everyday human beings. While things are definitely different now than they used to be, don’t be expecting computers to do everything just yet. Automated systems may perform faster, but they don’t always utilize common sense. And when facing a hacker, you want someone who can think and reason like they do, not just a machine programmed with a set of responses. A recent study conducted by BitSight found that colleges which hired an on-staff security director tended to be more secure. Having an expert (or a team of them) keep an eye on your network is not only extra protection, it’s also helping someone to keep their job. 
    2. Hackers can bring competitors to work together for the common good. The IT fields are traditionally and historically competitive. Security and computer companies fiercely guard their secrets from their competitors, hoping to revolutionize the industry. Competition is healthy, but in times of crisis, it is far better to work together. This article encourages security vendors to put aside their differences and find solutions together. Doing so places less strain on the networks and allows IT teams to work faster and more efficiently. If IT experts are powerful defenders alone, just imagine how fortified your systems would be with a small army of them! 
    3. Hackers force businesses to take cyber security seriously. It seems like it should be common sense: if you don’t know where a file came from, don’t open it! Sadly, sometimes businesses aren’t always aware of what constitutes “safe” on the internet. Fledgling companies, or companies in areas that aren’t proficient in computers, are especially vulnerable. However, one cyber attack can be very enlightening to the compromised business, and to others as well. A recent hack on Vietnam Airlines forced the company to review gaps in their network security, which they had always overlooked previously. Their response may encourage other Vietnamese businesses to improve their security. As a result of one hack, more businesses in the region might become better defended.



Thank A Hacker For Your Improved Network Security

Hackers may want to steal data, but they’re having an effect on the IT world that they couldn’t have predicted. Companies and governments are analyzing cyber attacks and using that data to build  better network infrastructures. This in turn means stronger network security! It’s almost like the hackers are defeating themselves. So instead of worrying, do some research and determine how you can improve your own network security. And if you are looking for tips on how to better utilize your data in the cloud, check out ROK Tech for the info on the cloud and managed services for your GIS systems.

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