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3 Easy Ways to Keep Your CIO Happy

Posted by Charlie Baker on Nov 20, 2016 10:48:57 PM


Your Chief Information Officer is a very busy person, who doesn’t have a lot of time to waste. Maybe you see how hard they are working every day. Perhaps you are the CIO and you understand all too well the stress that comes with the job. The CIO is a vital role in any company or organization that primarily concerns itself with information technology. And with the advent of the digital revolution, there are a lot more of those organizations than there used to be! The job is already stressful enough, and nobody wants to deal with an angry CIO. So here are some tips ROK Tech suggests to make your CIO happy which hardly take any extra effort at all!

How to Keep Your CIO Happy

  • Think Long Term. The CIO is not only concerned about where the organization is now, but also where it needs to be in the future. Technology is an extremely fast field, and most products have a relatively short shelf life. It won’t be long before that innovative piece of new tech is the outdated model collecting dust in someone’s garage. Think about how what you could do to help keep your company ahead. For example, ask yourself why you want to invest in one server over another. Why do you need workstations? Your CIO will thank you for your time and planning.
  • Use Salaried Staff for Strategy and Analysis, not Patches and Upgrades. This is a matter of finances and just not wasting everyone’s time. Your salaried staff are there because the company thinks they are the best. They are men and women with great heads for tech and an eye for innovation and popular trends. Use that to your advantage! Utilize them for their minds, not necessarily their skills in quickly fixing code. There are other people for that. Your CIO will appreciate your handling of the staff and your dedication to planning ahead.
  • Improve Security with Redundant Back Ups. The last thing your CIO wants to deal with is a loss or theft of vital data. We can guarantee there is no faster way to learning how angry he or she can get. Make sure you are constantly backing up your data, and don’t allow yourself to get lazy about it. It may feel pointless, but it is always better to be prepared. Your CIO shouldn’t have to worry about that. They got other things on their minds.


ROK Tech would like to take a moment to thank all the hardworking CIOs out there. In this digital age, many companies and organizations could not survive without the hard work you put in. For the rest of the IT team: if you get the opportunity, make sure your CIO knows how much you appreciate them as well, especially around Thanksgiving.

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